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Intrexx Share Plugins

One of the most important features of Intrexx Share is the seamless integration of any application into the stream. A plugin can be defined in any Intrexx Application, and can be subscribed to by all Intrexx Share users with access rights to that application.

A plugin consists in principle of two parts:-

Feed view page (desktop or mobile)

This page represents the feed. Here you have the facility to display all of the required information.

Input page (desktop or mobile)

If you have subscribed to a plugin, or it has been made available as a system plugin, you will find among the feed input options Apps for all input pages of the corresponding applications. Frequently used functionality, e.g. annual leave requests, callbacks, activities, etc., can be accessed very conveniently direct from Intrexx Share.

Below, you will find a detailed description how plugins in applications can be defined in Intrexx.

On this tab, plugins can be defined for Intrexx Share. All entries and data records in data groups for which plugins have been configured will be shown in the Intrexx Share application.