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The Areas of the Design Module

On the workspace, which you will see in the middle area, you will assign the individual elements of your layout. To the left you will find the Elements area, from which you can select elements and position them on the workspace. On the Layout tab, you will find all elements in the structure, in which you have ordered them in the layout. If you click on an element here, it will be highlighted on the workspace. In addition, its properties will be shown in the right-hand area on the Element properties tab. Here the individual style properties, such as height, width, background color, or font size may be edited.

The size of the individual areas can be changed by dragging them with the mouse. To do so, position the mouse on the border of an area until the mouse cursor symbol is shown as a double arrow. If the space for the display of elements is insufficient in an area, vertical and/or horizontal scroll bars will be shown automatically.

If you have opened multiple layouts at the same time, you can switch between layouts via the tab at the head of the workspace.

Each tab in the module can be closed via the symbol next to the title. If you show a tab via the menu View, and it is shown in its own window, you can also anchor it in one of the areas to the left or the right of the workspace, by dragging its title with the mouse to the desired position.

While the window is being moved, the area will be shaded in gray in its future position as a preview, and then anchored at the moment in which you release the mouse button. Anchored areas can also be moved in this way to other positions.

Element Settings

In the lower area of the element settings, there exist the two buttons Options and Styles, with which you can switch between the editing modes of the settings. In the Options, the element settings can be changed, which tend to be more functional in nature. In Styles, the style properties can be edited.


In the Layout area, the Structure of your layout will be represented. Here you can inform yourself about the hierarchies of the various elements. Further Information: