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Additional Elements

External Page

With this element, you can include an external HTML page of your choice into your portal. In the element settings (options), enter the URL of the page (such as

IFrames are embedded frames that do not divide the screen like normal frames. An IFrame takes up an area within the page, similar to a graphic. In the element settings (options), you can enter a name for the IFrame. You will need this name in the target attribute, if you later want to define links to the IFrame. Here is an example, in which the IFrame name “myIFrame” is used:

<a href="" target="myIFrame">

In Frameborder, you can control the width of the border around the external page. Enter an integer, which defines the width in pixels.

VTL Include

The VTL Include element represents the place on the workspace in which a VTL file will later be executed in the portal, which you can reference with a path entry in the element settings (options).


With this element, HTML code may be executed. Place the element in the desired location on the workspace and then enter your HTML code in the lower area in the element settings (options).


With the Link element, simple links to internal or external jump targets can be set. In the element settings you can define the Link title. This text will then be shown in link format in the browser or end device. The link can also be displayed as an image. Click on the magnifier symbol in order to include an image.

Alternative text will be shown if a user agent does not support images or the automatic loading of images is deactivated. As jump target you can either select Home, which leads one to the start page of your portal, or to the URL of your choice.


With this control, you insert a container into the layout, in which a Pinboard will be shown. With a pinboard, changes to data groups by portal applications will be documented. You can activate this function directly in the data groups of applications. Alternatively to the control created here, the contents of the pinboard can also be shown in their own portlet type on any portal page.