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Application Templates

A comprehensive collection of templates is available to you for application development. If you wish to create a new application, first select an appropriate template. The new application will then be automatically created based on this template. Changes to the application have no effect on the template.

Empty Application

Based on the Empty Application template a simple application will be created, in which you can enter data records on an edit page.

Empty Application - Tree Structure

The Empty Application - Tree Structure template creates an application in which hierarchical structures with folders can be displayed.


With the Wiki application template, a comprehensive collection of pages can be made available. In doing so, the structure of the entire contents will result from the interlinking between individual pages. No hierarchies for the ordering of articles will be used. For formatting and linking, a simple-to-use syntax will be used. An overview of possible formatting choices can be found in the help pages of the template. The template allows for version controls and returning to previous editing steps of an article.

Frequently Asked Questions

The template Frequently Asked Questions allows answers to be prepared for questions that are asked all the time. Some areas of use would be IT (How do I replace a toner cartridge? How does the telephone work?), personnel (Where do I find something?), or organizational (Who parks where?).


The Documents template allows you to create a small and easy-to-use document management system. Each document entered here will be saved on the Intrexx portal server. From there, the documents can be called up at any time, even if the place the document was first saved has changed or the original document has been deleted. For searches, each document can have any number of search terms assigned to it. A check-in and check-out function allows for secure administration of various release versions. The search engine will also search for search terms inside of documents of type PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, or ZIP. New documents will be entered on the New Document edit page.


The template Resources Administration can be used in all organizations within the business and is especially designed for the creation of reservation and lending lists. For example, you can set up and manage the reservation of conference rooms or company cars just as easily as lending lists for any kind of object.

Forum Flat-Style

A forum is a platform for the interactive exchange of information between employees, working groups, or departments. The Forums application can be set up for all organizations within a business. Forums can be structured openly or anonymously from each forum member. The flat-style forum is a template for topic-oriented forums.


With this template, the entries in the forum will be shown in a hierarchical structure. New topics can be entered from the Forum home page, as well as from the menu item New Post.


With an application based on the Newsletter template, current news items can be entered in the portal and then published to a freely definable distribution list. Displaying the news items will be accomplished via a portlet directly on the portal page. The settings for publishing the news can be changed on the Administration page.


With the Weblog template, you can create journals for product managers, IT administrators (server logbook), interns, etc. A new entry can be entered from the New Entry menu item.


The Calendar template can be put into practice in all areas of the business and is designed for the entry and management of all time-dependent events (such as birthdays, anniversaries, convention dates, vacation and absence calendars, visitor lists, product deadlines, and so on). On the home page of a calendar application, the default setting will show the current day.


With the Polls template, you can create polls and show them to users via a portlet. The polls can be executed either personalized or anonymously, according to your choice – with graphical analysis. With this, you will be able to accurately gauge the opinions of your employees.

Knowledge Database

One important task that a functional portal must fulfill is the administration and preparation of company-internal knowledge. With the knowledge database from Intrexx, you can set up any number of various applications with subdivisions in areas, topics, chapters, and subchapters.


With the Minutes template, you can construct a complete meeting and minutes administration. With it, you will create electronic invitations to meetings with agenda items, and with them you can compose a summary of the meeting. All open summaries and meetings will be listed and then archived at a given time.

Bulletin Board

With this template, you can create bulletin boards for all areas of the business. For these bulletin boards, you can create any number of categories directly in the application, as well as define the time frame of publication. First, define categories under the Administration menu.

Licensing Applications

The applications are described in their own handbooks of the same names. To use these applications, you will require licenses to them. The applications are contained in the list of templates, but cannot be used in the browser if they have not been licensed.