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System Applications

All system applications can be found in a newly created portal under the Extras menu. System applications fulfill system-specific tasks and are not contained in the templates collection. They can be renamed and assigned to other menu items. In the module Applications, all system applications can be opened and edited to your specifications like other applications. If you delete a system application, you cannot recreate it. You can, however, download it from the Intrexx Application Store at any time. It is also possible to export a system application to a different portal and then import it later. This is, however, not possible with the User application, which cannot be exported or deleted. The user accounts for the portal will be managed in this application.


In the User system application, all user accounts on the portal can be edited directly in the browser by users with appropriate access permissions. This allows the management to react quickly to changes in employee data, independent of technical service in-house. On the printable telephone list, the all-important contact data will be always shown up to date. User accounts can be edited either directly in the User Manager module or in the User application. In the User data group, the main data group of the User application, no data fields may be entered. If you require additional data fields, please enter them as additional fields to the User Manager module. You can then access the new fields in the User application as usual and then combine them with edit or view elements.

Security Policies

Which user has which access permissions to which applications in the portal? With the security policies application, you will have a central overview in the browser of the current configuration of application permissions. Here all page and data group permissions, which you have set up in the module Applications for users, user groups, and organizational units, will be displayed.

Personal Calendar

In the personal calendar, access permissions to appointments will be controlled by a unique Datahandler in the background. The permissions are set up in such a way that only the currently logged in user has access to his individual appointments. Other users, administrators, or members of the management will not be able to view the appointments entered to the personal calendar.


The statistics application analyses access to applications in the portal. With this, you will be able to quickly recognize the applications that are visited frequently. Applications that are never or only seldom used will also be recognized. In the year overview, accesses per month for the current year will be output.

Data Transfer

With the Data Transfer tool, connections for the export or import of application data can be set up. A job will execute the data transfer. In the Data Transfer system application, all jobs will be listed with their starting time, ending time, and status. Each job can be started here with a single click.