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Through the use of the reference mechanism, a direct connection to the original data of the referenced application will be created. When data is changed, the changes will automatically be applied to the original data of the referenced data group.

The reference will be created via the data set ID of the referenced data set. As long as a data record is referenced, it may be changed, but not deleted.

All view and edit elements that are connected to reference fields will be automatically filled with the values of the reference data group upon saving a data record.

Please note that although you can create edit elements that show reference data, the values that are entered by users into these elements will not be saved. If the referenced application of an existing reference or the referenced data group is changed, the internal reference field will be newly generated. Data set IDs that have been entered for the previously referenced data group will thereby be lost. If a data record is referenced by a third-party application, the record cannot be deleted until the reference is removed.

A reference can be newly created via the context menu of a data group.