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Portal Pages and Application Portals

In Intrexx, all kinds of information from the portal can be combined into portlets and displayed on portal pages. The number and arrangement of the portlets on a portal page can be individually adjusted by each user with the appropriate access rights.

In addition to the portal pages, there exist application portals, where the most important information of the application will be prepared for presentation. An application portal is a special page in an application, such as here the application portal for the application Investment Proposals. An unlimited number of application portal pages can be defined in the Applications module.


The permissions to change portal pages in an Intrexx portal differ in regard to administrators and users. The administrator right, which members of the administrators group automatically possess, is assigned in the portal permissions (menu Extras / Portal permissions).

With the permission to Change portal pages in browser, you can change the default settings for each portal page, which are valid for all users, such as the number and arrangement of portlets. You can reach the default settings via the link to My portal, directly from a portal page in the upper right area if you click on Personal settings.

Here you also have the ability to search for an individual user, in order to change her individual settings. Îf you enter a user name into the search field, the results will be output underneath the search field. Click there on the link to the desired user. The user’s portal page will then be loaded, where you can change the settings of this page. All changes will then only affect the user in question. They do not influence the display of the portal pages of other users.

If you click on Anonymous settings, you can change settings for the portal page as it should be viewed by users who have not logged in. All information on this topic can be found in the Intrexx handbook Portlets.