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In Intrexx, superior access permissions will be controlled from the Extras menu and special permissions controlled in the individual modules. In the settings dialog, holders of permissions will be defined and individual permissions will be assigned. This dialog can be found on a tab in the properties dialog of an application, in the properties of menu items, in the module User, and in the settings for portal permissions.

Administration Login

With an administration login, central, super-ordinate access permissions will be granted. These permissions apply to all portals. A user with this permission may:
In the default install of Intrexx, in order to facilitate a quick setup of basic settings, the administrator user will be created without a password. As long as no password has been entered here, no login information will be requested when creating and deleting portals, when accessing the License Manager, and when managing administrator logins. Enter a password for the administrator user in order to eliminate access without a password.

Administration logins will be set up in the menu Extras / Manage administration logins.