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Intrexx Licenses

With the License Manager, the licenses you have purchased can be distributed to individual portals.

The two users Administrator and Anonymous of the Intrexx Users Management don't use licenses. They should not be deleted because a login in the portal will then no longer be possible.

You can reach the License Manager from the menu Extras / License Manager.

Licensing Portals

Intrexx may be purchased as the Professional Edition or as Compact Edition. Both of these versions differ in the range of their abilities. You can inform yourself about the various qualities of these versions at

You require an application server and licenses appropriate for your needs for each portal. Licenses exist in the following versions:

Intrexx Professional User License
(5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 250 users)

Intrexx Professional Application License
(one application for any number of users)

Licenses for Intrexx Professional of the same type are cumulative within an application server. This means that if you purchase a 10 user license and later an additional 5 user license, for example, in total 15 users are licensed to use this portal.

Licensing Templates and Adapters

Here you can license the templates that require one (CRM, CMS, Shop, Project Management, eProcurement) and the adapters (Office Integration, Lotus, etc.). Template licenses can be purchased as a Professional or a Compact license for this. Adapter licenses for Lotus Notes or SAP Business Suite can only be implemented in Intrexx Professional.

Template and adapter licenses that you have purchased for Intrexx Compact will be not taken into account for a portal with a Professional server license.

Licensing Applications

Application licenses can also be purchased either for Intrexx Professional or Compact Edition. With these licenses, you can release non-free applications from the Intrexx Application Store for your portal.

Applications requiring a license will be released when they are imported in the Applications module. The application licenses will be shown in the license manager afterwards. They can be allocated to other portals there, but not entered like portal or adapter licenses directly. If you import an application requiring a license a dialog where you can enter the license key will be shown.