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Processes - Analysis Logfile

The activities of processes will be documented with date, process title, event type and the name of the element in a log file. If you highlight an entry, you can find its complete information in the lower area of the dialog.

In the upper area, you can find various filters for the log list. With Type, you can select to restrict the messages between the types Info, Warning, Error, or Debug. With Process, the list can be restricted to the messages from a specific process. Event type shows only the entries for the selected event type. In the Filter field, one may additionally search for specific terms. Delete filter text will delete the search text from the input field.

In the upper left, you can find the following symbols in the dialog:

With Open logfile, a log file can be opened from a directory available to the server. The default directory for Intrexx logfiles can be found under<portal>\log. Open current logfile opens the newest logfile for the current process. Reload logfile refreshes the log list.

Via the context menu for the individual entries, additional filters can be set for the log list. With Show this entry, the currently highlighted entry will be shown in a further log window.

With Show filtered logfile, a section of the logfile with all currently filtered entries will be shown.

Show complete logfile shows all entries in the log window. Show only entries of this type will show only the entries of the same type (info, error, warning, etc.). Show only entries for this process restricts the list to the entries of the corresponding process. Show only entries of this event type filters the list by the event type of the currently selected entry.

Show entries for this process execution will show only the entries that belong to a specific execution of a process, normally from process start to process end.

Log entries of elements which are deactivated during the process execution will be displayed in grey color.