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In this dialog, parameters can be defined that will be made available after the timer job is run in the processing context. The type of source that can be used for these parameters are system values (request values, session values, values from the processing context, values from system data groups, and user values). A prerequisite for this type of value is that it is a serializable value, e.g. string values, number values, date values, and so on. ValueHolders cannot be used; please use the Value property instead.

When the timer job is executed at the defined point in time, the parameters will be made available under the name entered in Target: Parameter from processing context.

Select under Type the desired type of system value. For request, session, user values, or values from the processing context, select the desired value from the Value selection list. Next, define the name of the target parameter.

For a value from a system data group, select the application that contains the system data group, and then the desired data field from the Value selection list. Define the name of the target parameter here as well. After clicking OK, the new parameter will be applied.