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Document Action: Options

The settings for saving files can be adjusted here.

In the Methods area, you can choose between replacing the file in the target or appending the file at the target (at the front or back).

The Max. number of files in target field is available when the maximum number of files has been limited in the file field properties in the Application Designer.

With the setting If the maximum number of files is exceeded output an error message and abort the transaction a message will be shown as soon as the maximum number of files has been reached. With the option Restrict the process to the maximum number of files the process can be limited to the maximum number of files. No further files will be saved to the data field when the condition occurs.

The Other Limitations of the target field restrictions area informs you on additional restrictions of the target file field.

Data Group Action: Options

With the option Replace files at the target the setting Delete files in target field if source does not contain files is additionally available. Existing files will be deleted according to the key you defined for the comparison of source and target files, if no corresponding file is found in the source.

Please note for the use of system values, that system values for example can be stored in the processing context, that can indicate the methode for the saving of files. In this case the methode that is set in the dialog is of no relevance.