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Web Service Action

A Web Service Call can be executed after a condition.

Configure Web Service will start the registry process of a web service.
Add Web Service Call opens a dialog in which an operation can be selected.
Delete Web Service Call deletes an entered request.
Edit opens an additional dialog, in which the construction of the web service is represented.

The arrow buttons allow the priority to be changed when multiple calls are entered. Multiple web services will be executed one after another in sequence. The uppermost call will be started first; afterward, all requests below it will follow in order.

With a web service request, a value will be sent. In the lower area of the properties dialog of the button, the structure of the operation will be represented. The input value will be, as given in the parentheses after the name of the input value, expected in the form of a string.

In Intrexx, various sources that deliver the input may be selected. These so-called Parameter Types will be defined via the context menu of the parameter. The context menu Edit opens a dialog, in which the appropriate parameter type may be selected.