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Parameter Type Request Value / Edit Element

The Value from the page to be called can be defined here.

The application that contains the edit element, as well as the page in the application structure on which the edit element is found, is grayed out here. The application and page are not selectable if the web service request is called up by a button action. They are selectable if a web service request is started upon loading a page.

The page on which the button is located is accentuated in the application structure with a highlight. In the selection list below the application structure, all edit elements that are found on the page are listed. The edit element selected here delivers the input value, which will be sent by clicking on the button, as a request to the web service – in our example, the edit field Bank Routing Code.

The control type of the elements must correspond to the expected type of the input parameter.

Request Value

Alternative to a value from an edit field, the setting User-defined Request Value allows an individual request value to be transmit to the web service.

Request values can be defined and set in Intrexx with Javascript or expert attributes.