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LDAP Connection

In this way, you can import your organizational structure and users from a LDAP directory (such as Microsoft Active Directory).

Enter the source server of the LDAP directory in the Server field (such as the domain controller).

In the Authentication selection list, select the type of authentication used by your LDAP server.

The plain setting is usually the correct selection. Enter a User, via whose account the users and organizational units will be imported (such as or cn=John Smith,ou=IT,dc=YOUR_DOMAIN, dc=US).

Enter the Password of the user.

The Base-DN (Distinguished Name) is the name of the subtree from which the users and user groups will be imported.

Clicking Search allows the Base-DN to be selected from a list. Next, select the appropriate Profile. Click Create new replication profile to create a new profile. Click Edit replication profile to open the editor in which the profile can be defined. Delete replication profile to delete a profile.