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Replication Sources

Intrexx offers several methods for importing users from your existing IT infrastructure. The User Manager supports you with the import wizard when importing data from LDAP directories (such as Windows Active Directory), JDBC-sources and ASCII files (such as Linux/Unix Passwd). For the import, select the menu item Users / Users and Groups Import.

Select Add to create a new replication source.

The configuration of existing sources can be changed by clicking Edit.

Delete deletes a source entered here. When you are ready to initiate the replication, please click Start replication.

Show history will open a dialog that delivers information on replication activity.
At registration, a check will be carried out to ensure that the user exists in the LDAP source. If the user does not exist, it will be deleted from the Intrexx User management, and the registration will be rejected.

If the setting When registering do not check whether user exists in this set source is selected, the registration will not be checked, and therefore no deletion process for users that do not exist in the LDAP source will run. If this setting is selected, you will see a small red square which is incorporated into the source symbol in the list.

Check at registration if user exists in the source disables the setting described above.