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Software Update

When you start the Intrexx Portal Manager, you will automatically be offered the option to update your software. By updating your software, your version of Intrexx will have access to current advances at all times. The update packets will be made available on the United Planet update server. The software update can be set up in such a way that upon each start of the Portal Manager, it will automatically check for appropriate updates to your Intrexx system.

The following three methods of update occur as follows: An update of the portal server must always be run before the Portal Manager can be updated. Please start the Portal Manager installed on the server system in order to update the portal server.

The software update can be started at any time via the main menu item Extras / Software Update.

If no connection to the internet exists, please create one. Click Installation source to show the settings to the internet.

By clicking Update, the settings for software updates will be opened.