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Script Editor - Edit

The title and description can be changed here. In the Link field, you have the ability to enter a URL to a website, on which you have entered further information. In the Template area, code can now be entered. What you enter here can be inserted later wherever you wish into the script that you composed in the main area of the editor.

The following variables are supported and will be replaced automatically when the template is inserted:

${cursor} - at this location the cursor will be placed after inserting the template
${now} - current date and time in UTC in ISO format
${} - current date in local time zone in ISO format
${user.guid} - GUID of the current user
${user.fullName} - full name of the current user
${user.loginName} - login name of the current user
${user.loginDomain} - login domain of the current user
${application.guid} GUID of the current application, if available