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System Check

By clicking Run System Check, the tool will check which of the following tasks should be executed: If the system check has finished, checkboxes will be shown in front of the relevant tasks.

With Execute Tasks, you can start the tasks you have selected with the checkboxes.

Mark All Tasks will select all relevant tasks. Tasks whose execution is not required will not be offered for selection after system check.

In the Current Status column, you will be informed of the corresponding results of the system check. If a task has been executed, this column will show the date it was last run.

Archive Older Log Files

This module checks directories that contain log files. If you select the task, an additional window will open.

Check Application Tables for Correct Assignments

The portal database will be checked here for data records with missing assignments to a superior data record. Data records without assignments will be listed in their own window if you mark the task Check application tables for correct assignments and then click on Details .

Error Inspection and Maintenance of the System

The software update ensures that your system always remains in the most current version, that any programming errors that may occur will be fixed, and that new features expand the abilities of your system.

Occasionally, for tests or additional actions, like for example updates to the database, it may be necessary to manually start these actions. In this case, the corresponding actions will be added to the SystemCare function for System Inspection and Maintenance, and can then be initiated whenever you wish.

Deletion of Older Portal Exports

The export directory that you have entered in the Export tool for the storage of portal exports will be checked. If the system check finds older portal exports, you will be able to select the task. Click on the checkbox.

Check Databases for Characters That Cannot Be Exported

This check will return characters in the portal database that cannot be exported. Please note that this check can require several minutes and should only be run if portal exports have failed. Mark the checkbox to the left of the title of the task.