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Intrexx uses the Lucene open source search engine for the full-text search of the entire portal and for the portal applications. Newly entered and changed data records will be automatically added to or refreshed in the index of the search engine.

In this, the settings for the search in the applications are definitive. There the fields will be defined that will be taken into account in the search. The content of these fields will be written to the index. It will also be taken into account there as to, according to the settings in the applications, a word analysis should take place or if HTML is to be interpreted.

Data attachments and files that are included through FileWalker connections will also be indexed.

Please note that PDF documents can prevent indexing through their security settings.

With the context menu of an object, the indexing can also be manually started. With the context menu item Edit , the execution time of the connection can be set. With Messages , all messages for a connection will be output in an additional window. In the Index Browser, the contents of the Lucene index will be shown. It can be sorted by fields in the index and searched by contents.