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SAP One - Properties

Please always define two identical connections: a JDBC data source and a SBO data source. Both data sources must have the same name (such as sbo). The JDBC data source definition will be used for read access, and the SAP Business One data source will be used for write access.


Connection name. Select the same name here as the one that you used for the JDBC data source.


Server name of the SAP Business One DB server (such as localhost or

Database Name

Name of database (such as SBODemo_DE )


No if a SQL DB user will be used, Yes if Windows authentification will be used.


SQL DB user (such as sa )


Password for the SQL DB user


SAP Business One language for message windows

External Login

Definition of the user mapping from the Intrexx user -> Sap user. Which external login should be used (1..3)?

License Server

SAP Business One license server, including port; such as localhost:30000;