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E-Mail-Service - Sending Setup

Maximum e-mail size

Here, the Maximum e-mail size can be specified. If the field is left empty, the size of the e-mail will be ignored. In the second column, the required units can be selected.

By default, 10 MB is predefined as the maximum size. This corresponds with the expected computer network norm for the maximum message size (e.g. preset value by Postfix or Microsoft Exchange Server). In general, it should only be modified when you’re certain that the potential recipients can receive messages of this size.

Maximum number of e-mails per session

Here, the Max. number of e-mails per SMTP session can be constrained. If there are several mails to be sent at the same time the smtp session will be terminated after reaching this limit. In the next transit a new smtp session will be created for the sending of the e-mails. The waiting time between the two transits of the sending loop is defined by the de.uplanet.lucy.sendmail.sleepInterval property (default : 1000 ms ).

Archive sent e-mails

If the setting Archive sent e-mails is selected, then sent e-mails will be stored in an archive file.

Create process event, if e-mail cannot be sent

If this setting is active a


is created after a final unsuccessful e-mail sending to which can be responded via the generic event handler


In the lower part of the dialog box you can define the time intervals, after which unsuccessful e-mail delivery attempts will be retried. We recommend keeping the recommended settings.

Maximum number of retries

In Maximum number of retries, you can specify the number of times that an undeliverable mail should be re-sent.

Subsequent retry intervals

Below you can set the duration of the first, second, third and subsequent retry intervals. Each interval will be calculated from the last time the sending was attempted. Click Next to continue.