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Portal Properties - Documents

The basic settings for document generation are set here. See generate document for more information on the topic of Document generation.

Document engine

In the selection list Document engine you can select the document generator, which will be used to create documents.

iText and LibreOffice / OpenOffice may be selected.

iText can be used to generate simple reports without images or tables. For more complex report outputs, the iText text editor is not recommended. For more complicated documents that contain images, charts, or tables, use LibreOffice / OpenOffice.

Document format defines the server default for document generation. Keep document format will keep the current format of the document. If the option Create PDF is set, a PDF of the current document will be created.

The document format defined here can later be selected in the button action as output format Server standard.

If the HTML format is selected in a control element, this will be handled variously depending on the document generator. Control elements that may contain HTML formatting are Static text, View field, and Text field.

When using the LibreOffice / OpenOffice service, the HTML formatting is automatically converted to ODT styling, which means the HTML formatting will be applied to the document.

When using iText, HTML rendering is not available. With the setting Preserve HTML tags the HTML tags will be kept and shown in the created document (default behavior). If the setting is not activated, the HTML tags will be removed.

Additional options are available in the lower area of the dialog, depending on the selection in the document generator selection list.