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Intrexx Design - An Overview

In the Design module, you will create and edit the layouts of your portals. Intrexx layouts are based completely off of Cascading Style Sheets. The entire design is therefore represented by CSS positioning, which makes possible a quick page construction and an optimal searchability for search engines without the use of frames.

Through the use of caching mechanisms, the combination of many individually loaded files into a few larger ones, as well as the comprehensive compression of Javascript and CSS files, a high degree of performance is possible. Barrier-free pages can also be constructed.

From Version 5.0 on we support you in the creation of portals and applications for mobile end devices – including especially for the Apple iPhone.

When developing applications for mobile end devices, special requirements come about for the underlying platform: in addition to the minimal bandwidth of connections and the insufficient to completely missing support of some devices for Javascript (required for AJAX and interactive forms), special requirements, like the sliding effects for the iPhone for example, must be taken into account.

The support for mobile end devices is based on the following three principles:

Design and design selection

Every end device supports a specific range of possibilities, which are restricted by the bandwidth of the connection, the abilities of the installed browser, the device software and the device itself. While the iPhone from Apple offers the greatest degree of functionality, devices like the Blackberry end devices of the previous generation offer no support for Javascript.

In the Design module, you can define which end devices with which layout should be supported and whether the end device offers support for Javascript or not. The Intrexx server provides the desired layout corresponding to the identification of the end device.

Arrangement and layout of applications

The transformation of an application page for a mobile end device automatically ensures that no layout is used for the page that is based on tables; rather, a page will be generated that is completely based off of CSS and pure HTML. The designer of the application must not have any special knowledge of CSS here. One must only take into account that the page must be sufficiently small that it can be shown on the display of the end device.

Construction of the menu

In Intrexx individual menus for each layout can be created, which are customized for the special requirements of mobile end devices.

This allows, for example, for applications to be offered exclusively for the iPhone, while other applications will be implemented for all mobile end devices. The start page for an application, specially adjusted for the end device, can also now be defined by editing the menu. One and the same application can be placed in the menu as many times and in as many places as you wish.

Further information on the areas of the Design module you will find here.