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M-Files Adapter: user defined value

Select a static value, system value, GUID or null value here. This can be helpful, for example, if the same value always needs to be used for the mandatory M-Files field Class. Thus, a static value of 10 can be created here and assigned to the class. In the same way, calculated date values or system values like the current Intrexx user can be created.

An additional example would be the generation of a GUID at runtime as a unique data record ID for Intrexx and M-Files. Calculated values are not saved by default to Intrexx data fields, but are rather saved in M-Files fields.

For certain purposes, it is necessary to also save a static value to an Intrexx field. This is the case, for example, if From Intrexx was selected for Evaluation of the ID, and a GUID needs to be generated for that purpose. This is defined as a GUID value and an M-Files field created for this is assigned to it.

Since this GUID will need to be available for use in Intrexx later as well, in order to determine the corresponding object in M-Files, you will be automatically requested after assigning the value to an M-Files field whether the value also needs to be saved in an Intrexx data field.

If you select the option Static value here the settings can be defined by clicking Edit static value.

If you select the option System value here the settings can be defined by clicking Edit system value.