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Register and Change Intrexx Server

Click on Add Server if a server has to be registered.

Existing server connections can be tested by clicking Test Connection.

Remove Server will remove a server from the list.

With Editing disabled, unlock table the selected server can be edited. You can assign an Alias to the server, or edit the Server Name and IP Address.

In the column Server name / IP-address enter the server name or the server address. The system on which the Intrexx Portal Server is installed can be entered by name or by its IP address (such as The setting for Administration port will be set automatically and can in most cases be used without problems.

In case a server is not available when the Portal Manager is started a server can be set as new default server in the lower area. The Portal Manager will be connected to this server automatically when started again. Keep default server will be automatically selected if a server is set as default server. With the option no default server no server will be set as default server.

If no connection to the server can be created, please ensure that the computer to which the Intrexx Portal Server has been installed is operational. Additional possible causes are problems with the network connection, a missing installation of TCP/IP, or a defective network cable. The Intrexx Supervisor service must also be started on the portal server. Please also check whether the administrator of the server has chosen a different administration port manually.