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Connection Parameters of a Lotus Notes Data Source

Enter the following connection parameters here:

Connection Name

Name of your data connection.


Host or IP address of the Domino server.


Port to be used. The port entered here must not be blocked (default port: 63148).

External Login

Here you may either use external logins saved in Intrexx, or by selecting No external login, not use this possibility and instead enter the username and password manually directly underneath.


Enter the user name here.


Enter the Password here.


Here the value of the connection timeout can be edited.

Database Name

By clicking Search the Lotus database that will be used as data source can be selected.

DIIOP must be activated on the Domino server.

Mail Database

With this setting the database of the user that you entered in the configuration will be accessed. If you have correctly input your personal connection data, you can check this with Test Connection.

When using a Lotus Notes data source, not all Intrexx functions are available. For example, a process cannot access files (embedded objects) in a Notes data source. The search function of an Intrexx application will also not be available in a Notes foreign data group.