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Consume Data

With Intrexx, you can directly access data sets of various origins. This foreign data will be shown in Intrexx applications in the portal. If the connection to the foreign data source has been set up, all foreign data fields can be connected with edit and view fields in the module Applications as usual.

Under certain circumstances, a function in the module Applications will not be supported by a foreign data source. United Planet can offer only limited support for foreign data access. System environments, the configuration of the data source, the technical configuration of the database on which the foreign data source is set up, the basic database drivers, and data types can vary greatly. However, you can assume unlimited functionality on the Intrexx supported data sources SQL Server, Oracle 9, Oracle 10, SAP DB, PostgreSQL, and HSQL.

Configuration of the Connection

The connection to an external data source will be set up in the Integration module via the menu or the contextmenu Consume Data. In every newly created portal, one connection will already have been entered. This is the connection to the system database of the currently open portal.