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Add Request Parameter

The value that will be defined later as an input for a web service request will be automatically saved to the request variables defined here. The request variable will, in turn, be used for the return in order to filter the database for the input value.

If you search for product numbers, for example, that contain the characters “SW” for software, the value “SW” will be saved to the request variables. The operation type List will then initiate a request for this character string in the original database and will return all data records that contain the characters “SW” in their product number.

Enter a unique name for the request variables here. This name will be used for assignment in the WSDL files. In the Request Variable field, the name of the variables will thereby be automatically represented as it will later be used in the system. The name of a request variable must begin with rq_ in Intrexx. Otherwise, the variable will not be recognized as a request.