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Intrexx Share

Intrexx Share is software modeled on one of the popular social media apps. With it, you create your own, highly efficient networking and exchange platform within the organization. This means that even your existing software solutions can become "friends". Whenever important information is recorded in the company systems, Intrexx Share generates a central post and displays it to all authorized subscribers - via desktop, iPad or smartphone.

Intrexx Share makes easy-to-use workspaces available for groups, facilitates the organization of planned events and the exchange of documents and files independent of location, and promotes communication within the business in a natural manner. And everything can be accessed from mobile devices. With Intrexx Share, the employees share their knowledge not only with colleagues, but also with all of the existing software systems in the organization, such as ERP, CRM or BI. If Intrexx Share detects new information in an application, it sends a post to all employees who have an interest in that data. With no other social business software offers can existing systems be integrated so quickly and easily.

All information can be found in the Intrexx handbooks

Intrexx Share 1.0

Intrexx Share 1.1