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Exporting Applications - Select File Name

Any file name you wish can be given for the export file. With Browse, the target directory can be selected, in which the export file will be saved.

In the Export data area, you have the ability to change a Description of the application, process or relationship, if they are added to the export package. The export file will be saved with the extension .zip to the selected path.

If the setting to Export with permissions is set, all application, data group, and page rights that affect a user group will be exported as well. Upon import, the groups can be assigned to existing user groups, or new groups can be created, which will then be assigned to the imported groups.

With the setting to Export with application data, the application data will also be exported. In Preselect for Import you define whether, if in a later import of the application, the setting Import with application data or Update existing applications will be preselected.