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FileWalker - General Settings

Enter a Name for the connection.

With Search, a connected directory can be selected.

The Directory Path will then be automatically entered.

In the Standard Client Path field, the directory for access to clients will be entered. As the mapping for client and server access (such as in heterogeneous network environments) may vary, the directory path and the standard client path can differ.

The setting to Show hidden files allows hidden files to be shown as well.

With the setting Consider user file permissions only files for users with sufficient permissions will be shown.

By selecting the option Enable search a search index of the files embedded via FileWalker will be generated. Always use in global search makes the index available via the global search of the portal.

With Hit visualization style, you will define whether hits in files will show No summary (only title, file name and path), or the Document summary (additional information entered to the document properties). The selection of Highlight hits in document text has the effect of optically highlighting hits in the text of the document.

If here the option is selected to highlight hits in the document text,this will lead to both greater system loads during the query, as well as to an increased index, as the file contents must then be located in the index.

In Standard character set the character set which will be used for the search will be defined.

The Lucene search engine is contained within the delivery package of Intrexx and is selected as the default search engine.