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FileWalker - File Filter

Here it can be defined which files shall be accessed via the FileWalker. If you activate the setting Use filter, show files according to following rules, the selection in the list takes effect. If the setting is not active, all files will be shown without being filtered.

With a click on Select the filter type file can be added to the list. For this type the file typ file or directory can be selected in the next column. The column filter rule can be edited. Here the filter for directory and file names respectively extensions can be defined with the usual wild-cards.

In the lower area of the dialog files can be excluded from display in the FileWalker element by clicking on Select. Therefor please enter the desired filter mask in the edit field.

Further information on this topic can be found here:

In Do not index files larger than .... MB files can be excluded from the index when they have a certain size. Enter the desired value in the edit field.