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Exchange Version

Select the version of your Exchange Server here. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or 2013 are supported by the Intrexx MediaGateway.

Please note the following when updating Exchange 2003/2007 to Exchange 2010/2013:

The changeover requires an adjustment of the existing configuration.

In this, the following properties are especially affected:

1. Exchange account
2. Authentication settings
3. Additional users

All configuration settings, such as mailbox and server URL, must be adjusted.

Instead of the mailbox name, the locations named above must use the e-mail address of the user. Entering the domain will no longer be required.



From Exchange 2010/2013, the server URL is created from the hostname of the Exchange Client Access Server (normally the Outlook Web Access Server) and /ews/Exchange.asmx as the path to the Exchange web services.

Server URL: https://<mailserver>/ews/Exchange.asmx

This adjustment will first take place automatically based on the existing configuration; however, it must be checked for accuracy. You can check the configuration at any time with the configuration test.

The access from Intrexx to the shares of the Exchange users must also be reconfigured, either via the Exchange Settings application, or for additional users via the dialog in the configuration.

User accounts to be converted must exist on the Exchange 2010/2013 server.

Further information on the update from Exchange 2003/2007 to Exchange 2010/2013 can be found in the document intrexx-technical-documentation-update-from-exchange-2003-2007-to-2010-2013.pdf.