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E-Mail Action - Recipients

Static distribution list

In the Static distribution list field, a fixed list of email addresses can be entered as a distributor. The individual addresses must be separated by semicolons.

Dynamic distribution list

The dynamic distribution list obtains addresses from the application, data group and data field selected from the corresponding drop-down lists. By using a Filter, the list of addresses can be filtered according to the specified criteria.

Text data fields that contain email addresses can also be selected. Again, the individual email addresses must be separated by semicolons. Other delimiters are not allowed.

If you use the Dynamic distribution list setting, you need to select the Type. Four types are available: Semicolon separated list, Generic, Free Text and Distribution control.

Address from data field

In contrast to the dynamic distribution list, with the Address from data field setting the value that is stored in the selected data field of the current data set will be used. This setting is available from an edit or view page, in which a data set is loaded or is newly created.

Select the field that contains the email addresses of the intended recipients. If you select a text data field, then the type (Semicolon-separated list, Generic, Free Text or distribution control) must also be selected.

Supervisor / deputy of current user

The email address of the Supervisor of current user can be queried in the user management with this setting, and used as the recipient address in the email. Likewise, the Deputy of current user may be used.

System value

All information on this setting can be found in the description of the sender settings.


With the One e-mail per recipient option, a single email will be generated for each recipient. If this setting is not activated, all recipients will be entered in the email, separated by semicolons. On the Recipient CC and Recipient BCC tabs, the One e-mail per recipient setting is not available for selection.

All of the other described settings for recipients can also be set for recipients in the CC and BCC configurations. The corresponding settings for CC and BCC can be accessed by clicking on ANext.