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E-mail Action - Content


In Subject, you can specify any static text that will be used in the subject line of every email that will be sent with this button.

Data field

The subject can also be generated dynamically from the value in a data field. Activate the Data field check box, and select the required data field from the drop-down list.

Page from application

From the Page from application drop-down list select the page that is to be sent. The values of the current record will automatically be used. Please note that all recipients of the email must have read permissions to the page. If no read permissions have been granted, the page will not be sent.

Generate message from static text

The option for a Generate message from static text gives you the ability to compose a fixed text for the e-mail. To do so, click on & Edit text.

Generate message from velocity code

By clicking on Generate message from Velocity code, an editor will be opened, in which you can create messages from the context.


With the HTML option, the email will be sent in HTML format. Buttons can then be added to the page, which link to specific pages of the application.


If the Text option is selected, the values in the view and edit fields will be displayed in text format, separated with tabs.


If the SMS option is selected, all line breaks are removed, the complete text is placed in the subject, and the message is sent by SMS, provided that a facility to send SMS messages has been setup by your telecommunications provider.

By clicking on Edit message header, you can configure the header information for the e-mail.

Click on Add message header to create a new property.

The [Configured] entry will be displayed greyed out in the dialog, which informs you that message headers have been defined.