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Image Selection

In this dialog you have the possibility of selecting existing images from the Intrexx Image Family. Click on the arrow to display the subfolders.

If you select a folder, the images it contains will be displayed in the right hand panel. The image can be viewed at its original size in a separate window by clicking on Display original image (oder Display original size).

Images and folders in the Intrexx Image Family cannot be edited. If you wish to add new images , e.g. for buttons in your portal, please select the entry Application Images.

By clicking on New Folder you can create subfolders, in which you can easily store your pictures.

By clicking on Edit the folder name can be changed. With Delete the folder will be removed. Clicking on Add image opens a dialog box, where you can select the required image.

In the right hand panel of the dialog box new folders can also be created by clicking on New Folder.

In the right hand panel application images can be removed by clicking on Delete image.

In the dialog below and to the right the presentation of the image list canbe determined by clicking on View and selecting from the views Single, List, Symbol and Details.