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dg hyparchive Business Adapter - new data source

Give the new connection a Name here, and then a Description underneath. Afterwards, the URLs of the hyparchive dg connect web services are entered. The web service URLs are obtained from your hyparchive server installation. Normally these are created from the host name of the hyparchive server, the port and the name of the web service.



Access to the dg hyparchive web service normally ensues via SSL. Each URL must therefore begin with https://. In addition, the SSL certificate of the hyparchive server needs to be imported into the Intrexx License Manager. There is also the option to activate the services without a certificate, this is done by deactivating the SSL certificate check.


The authentication methods, which the portal user will use to access hyparchive, are defined in the area Authentication.

You can choose between two options here: Simple for Username/Password authentication and Kerberos for Integrated Windows Authentication (Single Sign-On).

A Windows username and their password must be entered here for both authentication methods. This user is needed for the web service authentication when accessing from the Intrexx Portal Manager (e.g. to read the stamp definitions in hyparchive). If this user is also a registered hyparchive user, then this user will also be used for accessing the metadata and therefore needs to have the appropriate access permissions. If an internal (i.e. within hyparchive) or varying Windows user is used for the Portal Manager, this can be entered in the last section of the dialog.