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dg hyparchive Business Adapter - Authentication

As a standard the currently logged in portal user will be used. If there isn’t any hyparchive session for this user and the option Username/Password was selected as the authentication method in the configuration, then the portal user will be requested to login to hyparchive.

There are examples of application, where access to hyparchive should always be made with one user, irrespective of which portal user is currently logged in. This is for example the case if there isn’t a hyparchive user for every portal user or if documents from Intrexx should fundamentally be saved under the same user name in hyparchive.

To do that a so-called Static user can be selected in the dialog. This relates to an Intrexx user, to whom a hyparchive user account has been assigned in the hyparchive configuration. A static user can also be directly setup with this dialog. As soon as such a user is entered in the file field, then all access to hyparchive takes place with the data group of this hyparchive user account.

This means that an interactive login to hyparchive is no longer necessary in the portal. This also makes simple Single Sign-On scenarios possible without having to revert to the Kerberos authentication.