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Importing Application Permissions

In the upper area of the dialog, you can select a Preset container for new user groups from the existing containers of the portal, by clicking on Select.

If you want to assign user groups, select them by activating the corresponding checkbox in the first column on the left.

By clicking Select all User Groups all user groups will be selected for the import. Clicking Deselect all User Groups will cancel the selection.

By mouse over Information, you will be shown in a quicktip the import application from which the user group originates. You will find the Name and the description in the following two columns. If a new user group should be created, activate the checkbox in the Create new group column. In the last column, an existing user group can be assigned by clicking on Select. Next, click on Next to begin the import of user groups and permissions.

If the setting to Delete Existing Rights is selected, the permissions saved in the imported application will be ignored. The application is then imported without rights.