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Calendar and Resource: Properties – Representation - Scale

You can enter settings for the time scale or the resource chart here. Depending on the representation that is currently selected, not all settings may be available.

By entering a time to the from and to fields, this time frame will be shown in the chart. If the areas before and after the time frame need to be shown, simply select the corresponding setting. Additional columns are then shown in the chart, correspondingly titled before and after. In Interval, select which unit (Hours or Minutes) at which resolution, which is specified here with an integer, will be shown in the chart.

In the Appointments area, you can deactivate the setting to Display all appointments. This causes a small field to be shown underneath an appointment with the number of total appointments in this interval (such as on this day), through which the other appointments can be shown. Fixed dimension of appointment grid causes appointments consisting of longer text segments to be cut off after a certain point.

In the Display area, you can select the setting to Display week number if you want to display the current week of the year in the chart. Color the current day highlights the current day, separating it from other days. Color the weekend puts a shadow around Saturday and Sunday, highlighting them in comparison with the other days.