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Tagging - Bookmark

Word Clowd

The setting for Wordcloud will sort all tags alphabetically and display them in different sizes, depending on frequency, in link format. They can also be edited by clicking on this link.

In the options, you will define whether you want to Only display the tags for this application. Without this setting, all tags that have been entered in the current portal will be shown.

The setting to Only show own bookmarks will only show the bookmarks that you yourself have entered.

With the setting to Adjust to maximum width, the element will be adjusted for the size of the surrounding group or page.

If the setting to Show wordcloud as list is active, the entries will be shown one after another as a list.

The value in Lower boundary defines the minimum, the value in Upper Boundary the maximum text size of the wordcloud entries.

The Exponent ensures that the entries will be consistently distributed.

List View

In the List View, all bookmarks will be output in an easy-to-read list display.

Record View

In the Record View, the bookmarks will also be displayed in list format. With this setting, you can define in the options whether comments and evaluations should also be output.

In addition, a link to a page of the application can be defined, which will be loaded with the current record upon clicking on the bookmark.

In the second selection list, you will define which page should be loaded for the display of the title of the bookmark entered.