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Free Layout Table - General Properties

A Title can be entered for the free layout table here.

In the Data record display selection list, you can choose between the HTML elements Table (display as table), Unordered List (display as unsorted list with numbering characters), and Div (display in lines).

With Number of data records per page, the maximum number of data records that will be shown on one page in the browser will be defined. If -1 is entered here, all data records will be displayed.

If Display text if no data set exists is selected, a text will be displayed when there is no data available. If Use global text is selected, the text used will be that held in the page text DR_NO_RECORD constant, and displayed multilingual according to the national language settings of the portal.

If this setting is not activated, static text can be created for the underlying data entry fields, and for each of the languages used in the portal by clicking on Other languages.

If Display title is selected, the title of the free layout table will be displayed in the terminal, above the table. Click on Edit to open a dialog, in which the formatting of the title can be specified.

Clicking on Additional Properties opens an additional dialog, where you can customize the layout of the table.

You can find all information on the settings for this here.