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Plugin - Time Management

Here, by clicking on this button, filters can be defined for the escalation and archival of feeds. The Creation of a feed can be restricted in this way.

With the setting Feed positioning on time line it is possible to influence the order in which the feeds appear in the user’s personal stream. Click on Edit positioning, to alter the settings.

In the User assignment, by clicking on Target group configuration for this plugin, a filter can be set up that restricts access to the individual feeds in Intrexx Share, such as to individual user groups or roles that have been defined in the Intrexx User Manager. If a user has subscribed to the plugin, i.e. turned it on in Intrexx Share, from there on the rights will apply that have been set for the underlying data group. Thus, for example, if the user has the right to approve an investment request, the user will be able to make this approval from Intrexx Share. In order to be able to read the feed in Intrexx Share, the user will equally require the appropriate rights in the underlying application, page and data group.

With a Filter for removal from stream, the data records will be archived from the data group; i.e. they will no longer be visible in the current feeds in Intrexx Share. By clicking Configure archival filter, you can define which data records should be displayed. All data records that do not fulfill the filter criteria will be hidden.

In the Time management area, a plugin can be set as urgent, important, or overdue. The classification as important and/or urgent dates back to the U.S. President Eisenhower. For this reason, the classification of a task into four states is known as the Eisenhower Quadrant. A detailed description of the states is as follows:

Important and urgent

These tasks must be carried out immediately, and no postponement can be tolerated. This means Risk: Loss of quality


These tasks should be precisely scheduled, and carried out at the planned time. This means Risk: Tasks not commenced punctually


Urgent tasks can be delegated to competent employees or colleagues. This means tasks from the day to day running of the business with all of its disturbances, and often without any questioning of meaning, purpose or process. Herein lies potential.


Feeds that are categorized as ‚unimportant’ are purely information, and do not require any action to be taken. This means Feeds in this category belong in leisure time, or in the trash can.

For overdue plugins, a data field must be selected that contains the date from which the plugin will be considered overdue. The due date can be qualified by using the date adjustment. Click Next to continue.