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Plugin - Mobile Page

Here you can define pages for mobile end devices. With the setting to Make plugin available to mobile end devices, the transformation of the pages for mobile end devices will be made active.

Click to edit the headline will open a dialog in which you can enter the title.

Click to edit the view elements will open a dialog in which the view elements can be selected or created for the new page.

Click to edit the navigation buttons will open a dialog in which the navigation buttons can be configured for the new page.

With the option to Select existing page, a view page can be selected for display in Intrexx Share.

A Detail page for further information can be selected additionally here. Then a link to the Detail page will be displayed on the View page automatically.

The possibility also exists to enter new data records from the Intrexx Share application, which will be automatically saved in the application in which you set up the plugin. By clicking on Select an edit page for a new entry, an appropriate edit page can be selected for the entry of the new data records. With Do not offer to create new entries, the possibility for data entry will be revoked.