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Plugin - Display

Define the type of plugin. With the Mandatory option, it will be automatically included in Intrexx Share for all users with the corresponding rights, and will also be subscribed to by all users with corresponding rights. With it, the entries in the data group for which the plugin has been defined will also be shown in Intrexx Share, without requiring the plugin explicitly to be subscribed to.

With the option to make the Plugin optionally available, the plugin must be subscribed to in the plugin manager in Intrexx Share. The entries in the data group for which the plugin has been defined will only then be shown in Intrexx Share.

In the Category selection list, the categories will be listed that are used to group feeds in Intrexx Share. Select an appropriate category for the entries that come from your application. By clicking on Manage categories, an additional dialog will open, in which you can also create new categories.

In the lower area of the dialog, you can select large and small symbols that will represent feeds from this plugin configuration in the Intrexx Share application. The image will be suggested appropriate to the category, and can be changed if required.

With the setting Enable forwarding of feeds feeds from this plugin can be redirected to other Intrexx Share users. By forwarding a feed, a copy of the original feed is produced, which is then visible to each of the respective receiver groups. Thus the comments are also independent of each other.