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Drop-down List / List Field - Entries

Values from Applications

Here, select the Application, the Data group, and the Data field, the values of which are to be saved in the drop-down list. The entries in the list can be restricted by clicking on Filter. Advanced opens a dialog for the data assignment.

The Hide duplicate entries setting has the effect of showing values only once that show up multiple times in the connected data field. In the database, a Distinct query will be sent, filtering the data records.

The Sorting of the drop-down list can be influenced by clicking on Sorting. With Maximum number of entries, you can limit the number of entries in the list. With the value -1, all entries will be shown.

In the Display values area, you have the ability to show multiple values in the drop-down list, separating them with a freely selectable separator. With the setting to Adjust display value for saved value, the data field that you have selected in the Values from applications area will be used. If this setting is not active, you can define the displayed values yourself. In this, the value that is saved is that of the data field that you have selected in the Values from applications area.

By clicking on Displayed values, a dialog will open, in which the data fields that provide values can be selected.

Values from References

With the Values from references setting, references can be selected from the current application or other applications as sources for the entries in the drop-down list. The settings are essentially the same as the settings in the drop-down list for Values from applications.

““ Entries that stem from other data groups than the current one, or from other applications, cannot be saved. For this reason, a data field also cannot be connected. On the Data field tab, only the setting for no link can be selected in this case.

User-defined Values

User-defined values are values that do not stem from a data source, but rather are entered statically.

Select the desired Data Type of the saved Value.

By clicking on Add new user-defined value, a new value can be created.

With Delete user-defined value, the highlighted entry will be removed. With Edit user-defined value, the selected value can be edited. You can change the order of the entries with the Arrow buttons. The entry that is highlighted in the Preselection column will be preselected in the drop-down list when the page is loaded.