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Properties of the Hidden Group

In addition to the workspace, there is also a hidden area, which – like the workspace – can be populated with elements. The elements defined here are not displayed on the screen. Using the additional control Settings, which you can find in the Design module, the hidden elements can be displayed if necessary, for example, for testing purposes.

In this process, the elements will be moved and configured via drag & drop in the hidden area just as they are for visible elements. If elements are to be used in JavaScript, that is, to be available in the browser, you need to activate the Web setting in the right hand column of the area. If this setting is not activated for a particular element, then that element can only be used server-side, (e.g. in Velocity).

All hidden elements will be combined in a group. You can open the properties dialog of the hidden group by double-clicking on the Hidden elements entry.

The title of the hidden group can be changed here. Click OK when you are done.