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Enter a name for the new handler here. If you are defining an action handler, select the desired action underneath that will be used to trigger the script. This selection is unavailable for rendering handlers.

Click Add method to select the desired time at which the script is run. Various phases exist when the script can run: Once the desired method is selected, the Groovy file manager opens automatically, in which the storage location of the script can be defined. The storage location is located relative to the application package in the groovy directory. In the Groovy file manager, a new script can be created and edited, or an existing script can be selected and edited.

Within both handler types as well, according to the application structure, there is an order of processing:



- RenderingHandler of the application
- RenderingHandler of the data group
- RenderingHandler of the page


- The reverse order from above


processBefore und processBeforeWorkflow:

- ActionHandler of the application
- ActionHandler of the data group
- ActionHandler of the page


- The reverse order from above