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Gallery - Options Type B

With the setting to Show image title, the title of the image will be shown at the foot of the currently selected image. In this, the title can also stem dynamically from a data field. To do so, close the properties dialog of the gallery and switch to the view page that is embedded in the gallery.

Open the properties dialog of the File Selection there. Select the setting Alternative text – Text from data field. The title of the image will now be shown dynamically in the gallery. Then close the dialog and switch back to the properties dialog of the gallery.

In Position of image, you can select at which position the image title should be shown.

Shade image background has the effect of displaying the background overlaid by the image under a layer of transparent shadowing. With the setting to Close image upon click on background, the image will be closed when the user clicks on the background. Show close button shows the close symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the image, via which it can be closed.

With the setting to Begin from start at gallery end, the first image of a sequence will be jumped to from the last image. If the setting is not active, upon reaching the last image, the image sequence can only be paged through backwards.

Jump target when the current image is clicked opens an additional dialog, in which you can set the target page that will be loaded when a user clicks on the current image. Show page automatically causes the page included here to be permanently visible on the upper right-hand corner of the current image.

In Jump Target when gallery view is closed, a page can be included that will be loaded when the gallery view is closed.